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Professional photography for marketing and promotional materials

Complete photography services for businesses and professional artists


Ray Burnside is a professional photographer based in Willingdon, Eastbourne. He specialises in photography for corporate marketing departments and arts organisations.

Before leaving London for East Sussex he had many years experience of working with law firms, industrial clients and people in the entertainment industry.

Although still working in London he is keen to take on firms based in East Sussex who need consistently high quality professional photography as part of their brand development.

All of our "customers" are visually sophisticated, due in part to the TV and Internet providing huge amounts of high-quality, on screen materials. These same customers expect your visuals to be of a similar quality. Please call to discuss your needs with no obligation on your part.


Staff photography

In-house sessions for companies needing staff portrait photography, for online CV, print and social media. These are arranged on your premises so that staff do not have their day disrupted by travelling to a studio.  For less than 10 people it may be more cost effective to use our individual studio portrait service.

Food photography

This is a fairly new service we have decided to offer. We were asked to provide photographs of the complete menu available for an in-house restaurant for an international company. The results went down so well we decided to add this to our services.

Bespoke photography

Marketing departments will probably have discovered just how expensive it can be to license a particular photograph from one of the major libraries. We work with your marketing department to provide a library of bespoke, royalty-free photographs, which you can use in any of your company’s documents. These can build into a complete bespoke library of relevant, original photographs for your exclusive use.






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